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Master Trader Program
Master Trader Program
Join and learn the art of investing & Trading. There is no rocket science. Simplified and practical sessions to understand a in depth understanding of Financial Markets, tools, techniques and strategies. Once learned, you have multiple career options to choose from... Either get certified and re...
Courses in F&B Steward and Room Attendant
Fatorda Courses in F&B Steward and Room Attendant
Admissions Open!! Join the 3 Months Government Certified Programs for Free with 100% Job Placement opportunities Offering Courses in F&B Steward and Room Attendant. Apply online instantly using the link below: Qualification: Completed 8th std, 18 - 28 years +9...
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AYM Yoga School
Arambol Beach AYM Yoga School
For a limited time, AYM Yoga School offers Yoga Teacher Training Online. We are opening the training up to attend online via the Zoom app. Students will be able to attend training at their home with a live trainer. Want to know more? Head to the above link Contact - aymgoa@gm...
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Fitness Trainer cource
Dona Paula Beach Fitness Trainer cource
MAKE A SUCCESSFUL CAREER IN FITNESS Here is an opportunity to become Government Certified Fitness Trainer for FREE yes, "SPF/Q1102 NSQF Level 4" is a two and a half month course that is starting from the first week of April 2020 9822120180
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F&B Service Steward Program
Old Goa F&B Service Steward Program
Get Trained and Certified F&B Service Steward Program Call/Whatsapp on 9850529592
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Занятия по Bellydance
Siolim Занятия по Bellydance
Друзья, приглашаю вас на свои занятия по Bellydance. Уроки проходят по понедельникам (16.00) и четвергам (17.00). На занятиях даю технику классического Raqs Sharki, фольклора (саиди, ираки, халиджи). Будем разучивать танцы, разбираться в восточных ритмах. Школа находится в Сиолиме, недалеко от Сиоли...
3500.00 ₹ INR
Arambol Beach SALSA NIGHT
Every Friday at Lush Garden! +91 85868 81102
Mahamukti Yoga Classes
Arambol Beach Mahamukti Yoga Classes
Drop in Yoga Classes at Mahamukti Yoga in Goa are open to practitioners of all levels and is conducted every day. - Hatha Yoga from 07:00am to 09:00am - Ashtanga Yoga from 04:00pm to 06:00pm At The Whispering Lake, Arambol, Goa. Email: Web: +91 95362 007...
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Arambol Beach Лекция "Солнечная система"
Друзья! Приглашаем 6 февраля всех, кто сейчас находится в Гоа на новый совместный проект #ГоаИндияТревел - увлекательную лекцию о нашей Солнечной системе, солнце и планетах. Читает лекцию, показывает Луну в телескоп и фильм на проекторе научный сотрудник обсерватории Архыза, автор проекта научных пу...
200.00 ₹ INR
Satsang with Saeed
Palolem Beach Satsang with Saeed
Exploring the Foundations of Spirituality, Yoga, Mindfulness and True Nature. Feb. 8, 9, 10 11am-12:30 at Gatheround, Devabag/Palolem, Goa. +917708980612
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Breath Work Class
Palolem Beach Breath Work Class
Breath Work Class - deep preparation for Sound Bath - only on Sundays 3-3.45pm. All at Cozy Nook - north end of Palolem Beach, Canacona. +918322643550
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Rise and Shine Yoga Flow
Arambol Beach Rise and Shine Yoga Flow
Friends...I invite you to Rise and Shine Yoga Flow. Its a combination of essential yoga techniques blended into transcendental cocktail of bliss, where vinyasa flow meets the breathwork, kriya and meditation techniques from Himalayan traditions. This comprehensive practice will give you the tools to...
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